Why the Christian Online Business Conference?

I am Susan your host, the one who had the idea to put this conference together. I was a college teacher specialising in ethics and philosophy. Here in the UK they would call that teaching A level Religious Education. I also taught IT classes in various community centres.

These days I still use those IT skills but for writing books and building web sites like this one. One of my books is called Financing Kingdom Work: Financial survival tips for those who are building the Kingdom of God I saw so many people struggling how to do this that I started writing down all the things I had discovered and ended up with a book on the subject.

Why business?

My passion is to see people set free to be all that they can be. So why am I interested in business as a way of helping people. The obvious thing is that business for some people is the way out of the captivity of being unable to pay the bills. It could be their own personal bills or it could be the bills of a project or organisation.

There is though more to it that than that. It can bring you into contact with people that you otherwise would not have met. This could be customers or staff. As you do this you are able to support them on a spiritual journey in addition to doing all the practical things that such a relationship entails.

It does not stop there as there is even another dimension to the purpose behind a business. It can provide a mechanism that makes it possible to meet a variety of different needs within a community. In some communties the big need is for jobs or it could be even more basic like enough good food to live a healthy and productive life.

Why an online conference?

It is not just hard work but very expensive gathering everyone under one roof. After not all the speakers live in the same country and to be honest gathering online is the best use of everyone’s time and money. No travelling for hours or even days and no air fares to pay.

I also have an ulterior motive. I want to launch a club. The sort of club I have been looking for for ages.  You see a while ago I used to go to the local business club. They had monthly meetings when they put on a talk and there was a chance to get to know people who worked in the same community.

My desire was to gather a group of Christians to do something similar but I also knew that as we are more geographically scattered that the best way to do this was online. You know the old adage if you see a need and cannot find someone who is meeting it then you might be the one who needs to be doing something to meet that need.

Why focus on Christians?

We are a peculiar people. Yes we because that is one of the labels that I wear. I would say wear with pride but then there is the whole idea of being humble that makes that sound out of place. See why we see ourselves as being so different from others.

It is not only that but there are other issues we face as well. We struggle with ethics. We struggle with the idea of making money. We want to do things to meet the needs of others but then look at the world of business, see the sharks and shrink back. Somehow we need to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves yet how can we do that unless we learn from each other.

We are special as well because we have a hotline to heaven. We have all sorts of special gifts and talents that we can use to help us if only we learnt to use them in a business environment.  Amongst Christians it does not feel out of place saying something like, God told me this or God gave me a dream about that.

Not only that but if we hold to the basic doctrinal statement of the Apostle’s Creed then we know we have a heavenly Father. If we share a Father then we are brothers and sisters so it would be a good idea to get to know each other especially when we have something else in common like using business to serve our Father’s purposes.

Still interested?

Phew you have had the time and patience to read through that lot and still want to know more. Thank you for your interest.

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